Home automation project with led gpio - Relay controled from web ui

You are correct. I tried to build 18.06 image, but that is still too large.
But: I succeeded to build image for 15.05, incl. php5 and php5-cgi.
U R a brave man, and give it a try ?
I can also provide the build environment, ubuntu 16.04 in a Virtual-Box VM. So you can modify image yourself, as the PHP5 is without quite a few configurable/optional modules, which you might add, in case you need some.
No LuCI, of course. You need to SSH into the router.

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I look forward. I'll downgrade my device to 15.05 first and make my confgs with luci and then I'll upload your image keeping my settings

oh, thannk you, but I have a bad history building my own image :grimacing:

When you need to keep your settings, download /etc/config to your PC, after usage of LuCi. Then you can manually edit them after flashing my image. As you _DO_NOT_KEEP settings, when doing so, because there will be quite some differences.

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Sorry man, I got busy these days. How do I get the file?

Give me your email via PM. File is 4MB, of course

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