Home Assistant

Trying to tryout Home Assistant on OpenWrt

Yes I know it's probably a stupid idea

One problem is, space issue

Most off-the-shelf routers have not enough space either to...

  1. Install Docker
  2. Use this (https://github.com/openlumi/homeassistant_on_openwrt)

Anyhow, I've set up external storage (USB), but it seems either option requires installing some supporting packages to internal (e.g. kernel modules for #1, Python stuffs for #2) which fill up the internal storage real fast.

I suppose one option is to utilize extroot?

Any other suggestions?


You didn't say what device you're using, but in general, it's probably not going to be a good experience on OpenWrt. In addition to storage, it's also going to require a lot of RAM... and while it will run just fine on a recent Pi, I wouldn't suggest anything less powerful and resource available than that.

Yes, you could theoretically use extroot to give you more storage, but your RAM will likely be the limiting factor -- you'll probably need ~2GB RAM.

Unless you're on an x86 device pr a Pi4, you should probably not try to run HA on top of OpenWrt.

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Yes you're right, I've completely forgotten about the RAM issue :saluting_face:


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