Hires timers in Octeon kernel

hi all,

is there any particular reason why the Octeon kernel has the hires timers turned off, while most other Lede kernels have them on?

I am using Lede on the UBNT ERLite routers which are based on the Octeon and I have to build my own kernel with this only change. On other devices (ramips, sunxi, ar71xx) I have been using with Lede the hires timers are on by default.

The kernel seems to work fine with the hires timers enabled, at least in the way I am using the devices.

Thanks for any explanation or suggestion about the reason for this "anomaly".


Can you make a pull req on github?

I certainly can, but it bothers me why it was not on already - I suspect there might have been a reason and it might cause other issues (although I have been running several Octeon devices with hires timers for several months now).

I would rather wait if someone will come up with a story why it is off...


Uhm... Seems like it's already enabled by default?

Yes, but it is on for the other architectures. For MIPS Octeon (which is what the post was about - why is it OFF there while it is on elsewhere), it is still off:


I'm not sure if I misunderstood something but afaik platform specific are added on top of the generic config, no?

H dizzy,

Just check out the tip on the Git master branch and do make menuconfig, select the Cavium Octeon and UBNT Edge Router Lite, exit. Then do make kernel_menuconfig (it takes a while as it is building a lot of stuff if this the first time around) and then check the hires timers under General and Timers. It is off. I am not sure the top level config file is used if there is a platform specific file or not, but for sure on this platform the hires timers are off.

I am not asking about how to turn them on, but if there is a reason to have them off and why is the default different from the other platforms.


I don't think that there is a specific reason for disabled HiRes timers in Octeon.

hi Jo-Philipp,

thanks, that would be good news.


Felix staged changes to align the HiRes configuration accross the different targets: https://git.lede-project.org/?p=lede/nbd/staging.git;a=summary

Excellent, thanks!