High load averages on ramips. Normal?

Netgear r6700v2 here on snapshot, generally running the default settings (but it is custom compiled) with 5.15.

Ever since I got the router for the past month or two, my load average has always seem high. 6.41, 6.46, 6.60. With other features enabled SQM fq_codel on 300/300 fiber, adblock with 300k domains, DAWN, and routing for maybe 20-30 devices (not always on at the same time, but a household), I have seen it go up to the 7s and 8s.

btop shows the cpu at 41C (its about 65F) with utilization about 1-3% - this is with SQM/adblock/DAWN all disabled from the startup menu.

My second r6700v2 which acts as a WDS-client has load of 2.6, 2.35, 2.42 with DAWN off, but goes into the 3s/4s.

I wonder about the load because my archer c7v2 was always much less than 1, like maybe 0.5 range.

Is this normal for the MT7621 chip/processor? I think it has 2 cores with 2 threads each. Did I set up something incorrectly?