Hi .. Asking if there is a way to Change region of Netgear From NA To EU

Hi ..
I really don't know anything related to Routers.
But here is my sad story..
I bought Netgear MR1100 from Amazon at that time i didn't know if there models for other region too.
i just know that later. and now if there is no way to change it to Eu. i should jst throw it to the garbage.
I tried to install eu fireware. and it failed.

I hope you help me guys. and i'm sorry if my topic is in the wrong place.

If it doesn't cover the LTE band(s) needed by the service you want to use in your country, I don't think it is possible to change that.
This is different from the router firmware-- the LTE modem always runs on another CPU section with closed-source firmware.