Hes 3109 , acx 3109 , cvt 3109 ,swh 3109 Firmware

Hey i recently bought 9 port gbe switch 1 fiber + 8 gbe , thats ACT FIBERNET Locked Router . I tried to find firmware but i am not get any , find UART Interface using serial it asking for root password . Finally i wiped spi flash chip , but new firmware wasn't working , its tottaly bricked , no even flashing leds only power led working

× RTL8197D
x 25l5406E
x Nt5tu32m16fg-ac
x ejtag pin
x uart pin


What firmware were you trying to use?

Hes 3106 get from github

This appears to have nothing to do with OpenWrt which makes it off-topic for these forums. (please clarify if I am mistaken).

Is this possible to build firmware for this dev from scratch

Probably not.

Your switch does not appear to use an OpenWrt supported chipset. Even if it does, it is certainly not supported now and would not help you in the near term.

The (bigger-) elephant in the room would be RTL8197D, search for lexra and you will get the gory details about it, but -yes- very, very, very unlikely to ever happen.

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