HELP: XR500 revert from OpenWrt to stock

Maybe I could try to install the driver to see if the wireless performance improves or not.

Could you please try to

opkg update
opkg install ath10k-firmware-qca9984
opkg remove ath10k-firmware-qca9984-ct

and see if it gets any better?

are those issues for 5ghz or also for 2.4 ghz ?

If you check the guide I linked in my post, you could see step 10: Wait for the Power LED to light orange and start flashing. The XR500 with OpenWRT never starts flashing with orange light.

I guess you could also consult with R7800 tftp flashing instructions

(as "XR500 which according to the DD-WRT guys "can be regarded as a rebranded R7800 (with double the amount of Flash Ram and the new DumaOS)")

but please first check the ath10k-firmware-qca9984/ath10k-firmware-qca9984-ct replacing

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