Help with wrt54gl?

Hi all, new to LEDE and so far i love it! Installed it on a wdr4300 and it was a (relative) breeze to get coova, vlans and everything else setup. The Lede is replacing a ddwrt on a wrt54gl.
(yes i know its old...Very old )
Now i wanted to use the wrt54gl as a simple switch/bridge for untagged traffic and a vlan on a second ssid.
However, whatever firmware i take, from old kamikaze to very recent, they all have a specific problem..
Either the Vlans do not work, or do not go above 15, the second ssid is not working or no wifi at all.

What it would need:
Bridge over all ports untagged > wl0 ssid 1
Bridge over all ports tagged VL400 > wl0.1 ssid 2 wep
Manangement Ip over dhcp on Vlan400

That's all the thing needs to do and after 3 days of flashing and trying i start to think its easier to learn the wrt54 to fly
Anyone tips on what firmware i could use ? Or perhaps with a firmware builder handy for a recent microbuild i could test?

Greetings from Crete

Some (older) hardware does not support VLAN above id 15, perhaps yours is affected.

Eduperez, Indeed, originally the switch (5325) does not support higher then 15, but there has been a kmod-robo that did for the 802.1q (supported on the 5325) If i remember right, this was inserted into brdcm-2.4 after v78xx.
I could, if needed redo network and switch to vlan15. But even that combo does not work with a second ssid on most firmwares.


Do you really need IDs above 15? Is it worth your time?

eduperez, a very good question that i also wonder about :wink:
Also if its worth the hours compared to just get a new router..
On the other hand, its nice to reuse the old routers and save some expenses for the people.
But went out this morning and picked up a wr741nd (the only one i could find in a hurry without waiting on ordering it from the mainland) Will play with that one, starting under vlan15 and then see if it can do a 400.
All it needs to do is to untag the vlan on a second ssid so it should be easy :wink:

What I wondered was if you decided to use ID 400 (and could be easily changed), or it is imposed by someone else (your ISP, for example).

The WRT54GL having only 16 MB of RAM will be a problem with modern kernels. You could use old OpenWrt versions on it. TL-WR741 should do what you need easily.

eduperez, no its a existing network that i am trying to update step by step.
It would be possible to change thou but its a +8 year old network with many unknowns (can not access all routers/location atm) Tried to sniff and figure out as much as possible but at one point one must make a step.

Am now messing with the wr714nd but so far no luck.
Either the vlan works and the normal lan does not or the other way around.
But never at the same time :wink:
Will keep messing

Ok, I see...

Mixing tagged and untagged packets on the same interface has been a source of trouble for a long time, some hardware (or perhaps the drivers for some hardware) support it and some not.