Help with OpenWrt router


I'm looking into giving open wrt try after seeing YouTube and comments.
I'm do bit gaming on PS4 and been using the tplink router with QoS and hear SQM is better.
Will using openwrt give me more features overall and improve the gaming experience with these current routers.
I have a tp link 9980 and homehub 5a. Would these routers be any good for openwrt .

Thank you to all

HomeHub has support ... but get confirmation on ease of installation ... without having first hand information... I possibly wouldn't advise it as a "first openwrt" device... but if it's spare, then you could use it for some tests...

The tp-link ( double check any version numbers! ) also appears to have limited support ( no 5Ghz? )

Post your WAN speed as both of these devices..... seem to have constraints with high speeds......

What you might do.... is just use one of them ( least used one - preferrably tp-link edit: installation seems not so easy ) as the gateway only.... and use the other device for wireless......

So after quickly scanning those... unless someone advises that flashing can be done simple.... i'd recommend you pickup a router on the second hand market $20-$50, that has close to double the cpu and an easy / flash recovery proceedure....

more features > probably
improve gaming > on that hardware possible, with minimal services.... but you'd really benefit by having a bit more juice under the hood.

Also, post your WAN speed... because your result / hardware choice will vary depending.....

Thanks for reply
I'm getting about 50 down. Flashing the two routers I have going to involve opening up and soldering up, it's not just case of installing a new firmware.
A well known auction site has hubs with open wrt for 25 pounds, but as u say cpu on hubs is low

Is there any easy routers where u download a firmware and just install it.

Any recommendations?.

The previous generation will handle ~close to~ core functionality ( wired routing, nat. firewall ) at that speed...

Archer C7(v?) and wndr3700v2/3800 are two models to try snap up second hand that would be great to learn on.... and make excellent access points should you choose to get a beefier device.

There are hundreds of other devices that are easy to flash, check the best low cost router thread for ideas.... The reason I mention the ones above is because they are excellent all round hardware and ease of install / recovery. They could be had for around the price you mention above....

Thank you.
Has the c7 got modem and router or is it just a router and got use separate modem.

There is no cable or DSL modem in TP-Link Archer C7.