Help with getting MWAN3 working

Well to start i have 2 internet connections. 1 is a semi reliable but slow DSL connection, the other is a fast but less reliable wireless bridge to an xfinitywifi access point. there are so many different ways to set this up and people explain it on so many different versions of openWRT that im lost and need help. been working on this for 8 hours straight and i cannot get the xfinitywifi secondary connection to come online in the main router with MWAN3.

This is what i have.....

Not really sure what other information i need to provide but if theres more just ask and i will show it.

It is hard to troubleshoot from the pictures. You'd better remove them and add the configuration in preformatted text (the </> button)
uci export network; uci export mwan3; mwan3 status; ip -4 addr; ip -4 ro ls tab all
However, you have both wan and wanb in the same subnet and this is causing issues.
Instead of adding an extra firewall zone WANB, assign the wanb interface in firewall zone wan.
Linux is case sensitive, so be careful with capitalizations.

wanb no metric? Try wan 10 and wanb 20.