Help with error in luci-app-upnp

I just installed luci-app-upnp and when I go to the configuration page under the Services menu in the web gui, I'm getting this error:


RPC call to luci.upnp/get_status failed with error -32000: Object not found
  at handleCallReply (
  at promise callback*parseCallReply (
  at promise callback*call (
  at declare/

I have a bit of a strange setup, so I'm not wanting to file a bug report until I can confirm that its not m setup. Is anyone else getting this?

Any ideas on how to debug this? I was trying to call the rpc method directly via / usr/libexec/rpcd/luci.upnp call get_status, but this is hanging on a read to stdin. I'm guessing the rpcd server (or whatever is running that lua script) is supposed to send some data to it. How can I call the get_status method via the command line and bypass the web stuff?

Reading more carefully, I see that the input expected is json and for get_status the empty object is expected. So what I wanted was echo '{}' | /usr/libexec/rpcd/luci.upnp call get_status. And this runs fine. So I'm still left wondering why I'm getting an object not found. Is this RPC call doing ubus call underneath and I'm getting this error because luci.upnp is not registered with ubus?

Yes, exactly this is the case. Maybe an rpcd reload or restart is all that is needed to pick up the plugin?

That was it, rpcd needed a reload. I had already rebooted, but that didn't help. It has to do with my special setup changing root late after rpcd is already started. So looks like I need to reload after switching root. Thanks for the suggestion.

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