Help with dual network setup

I'm thinking about using OpenWRT and would like a little guidance before jumping in. I'd like to achieve a few things with my home network and I'm hoping I can achieve most of it with something like OpenWRT.

I'd like to have:

  • Two networks
  • One has access to the other but not visa versa
  • Both have access to the internet
  • Both support ethernet and Wifi connections
  • One has bandwidth throttled. (nice to have)

Basically I want one network for personal devices (phones, laptops) and another for anything IoT or otherwise that doesn't need access to personal devices.

It looks quite similar to guest WLAN:


Similar yes. But the piece missing there is that some devices need to connect to that secondary network via ethernet.

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The most canonical way to achieve this is by splitting VLANs:

Then you create a new IoT network as a bridge interface based on the IoT WLAN and the new VLAN.
The same way as the LAN network works for the main WLAN.


Thanks for the links! I have this setup. I've tested some with a raspberry pi on the GUEST interface via a VLAN. I can ping/ssh to it from a device on the LAN interface, but the raspberry pi can only ping devices on the GUEST interface.

The real test will be when I move all the devices to the new networks. Fingers crossed.

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