Help with device organization


I tried to make an toh entry for the pc engines apu4d4

I cant get it to format the same way as the apu3 pages do

under toh its under pc_engines instead of pcengines like the rest of them

what I want to have is make a page like the apu3 page but with the apu4 series

how do I fix this?

Done, page can be found here:

how do I make a page called APU4 like how the APU3 is with the table of the different versions?

so I have APU4
and these are the two devices in the APU4 family

Done, datatable filters adjusted.


the page is still
"PC Engines apu4d4"

i was trying to ask how to make it
"PC Engines APU4"

and the link be

so that it follows the same format as the APU3 family of products

Done, page moved to

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