Help with Building OpenWrt for JMR540 / JioFi 3


Is there any guide I can follow to build for my device (read docs, but its fricking hard)

Device: JMR540 (or JioFi 3)
CPU: there no CPU on board just a mem chip, MDM9207 and IC's
Type: LTE/GSM router

I have been working on a project:

At first idea was to add custom binary into stock firmware, but installing deps driving me crazy
So, i decided to build Openwrt for it

Stock Firmware:
/proc Dump:
/root Dump:
system Dump:


It uses stripped android and has fastboot and all

For memory it uses FM6BD4G2GA-2.5BLGE

Full Boot logs

lets assume somehow I manged to build firmware, How i am suppose to install it (may be EDL?)

I need some help and direction in supporting a new platform on OpenWrt.

It appears your device has no Ethernet ports, devices like this will not be accepted by the openwrt project.

There is a separate thread though for a similar lte stick device, search for it. From a quick read you’re in for a lot of work

it uses Micro USB as Ethernet port (also for charging)

No, this is not a supported SOC

So, there no way build for it


MDM9207 (being used by my device) is similar to mdm9607


  • lk2nd have support for mdm9607 in which it also have support for MDM9207

in experimental-tmp3 branch (tested it works)

  • mdm9607 which is being used in pinephone and is being actively being developed

what i can do now??


ITS NOT mdm9207 ITS


also found
Kernel source: