Help with bricked TP-Link RE450 v1

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New at this so be gentle. Obviously bricked my RE450 v1 restoring original firmware after trying OpenWrt, where it is now cycling on and off. Planning to follow instructions by @Heinz here

I would be grateful if someone could confirm the serial header on the board is what I circled in the attached image, and explain what the steps are once connected by serial? The guidance says 'Connect by serial and do the following', and then refers to U-boot and there is some script.

This is where I get lost. Looked at U-boot guidance and not sure whether the included text needs to be a script saved to the tftp64 folder, or I need to run specific commands in tftp64 or elsewhere, is it just tftp64 log output etc.

Any step by step guidance after I connect by serial would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

The manual uboot steps via serial, are the ones at the scorpion> prompt, everything else is output generated by uboot.

Thanks. So the manual input lines from me using the guidance from Heinz would be:

scorpion> setenv ipaddr
scorpion> setenv serverip
scorpion> ping ${serverip}
scorpion> tftp 0x80060000 re450bs.bin&&erase 0x9f020000 +$filesize&&cp.b $fileaddr 0x9f020000 $filesize
scorpion> boot

Do I input these lines via tftp64 or another application? Is U-boot a separate application or part of using tftp64? Again, apologies for the newbie questions.

They're done through serial, usually putty for windows, and screen or minicom in Linux.

The IPs you really don't have to set as above, you can use ones in your current subnet.

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Did you already tried failsafe mode ?


Follow entering failsafe modus and factory reset, soft or hardware factory reset.

All the best, samoth