Help with Belkin RT3200

I have not used my Belkin RT3200 in a long time. I purchased a TP Link mesh kit which is why I have not been using it. However, now I would like to have the mesh connect to the RT3200 with OpenWRT so I can use SQM and cake. Should I just flash the latest snapshot or do I need to update DangoWRT to the latest version v0.6.5? When I switched the device to ubi I used version available at the time which was like v0.3 or something. What are the directions for reflashing the latest DangoWRT v0.6.5? I only need the directions if its recommended that I do so.


Does anyone know about this? Are you supposed to keep updating DangoWRT or do you just use it to covert the router to UBI format? Then, use official WRT snapshots?

Also, if I wanted to use the RT3200 with WRT as my main router so I could use SQM etc. What would be the best way to connect my two TP Link Deco W6000's?

Dangowrt <> openwrt, ask at Dangowrt.

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My understanding is that you use dangowrt to "convert" the device to UBI. Once this is done the device behaves as a "normal" Opernwrt device. No need to run dangowrt again.
Just to be sure ask your questions in this thread:

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