Help with Archer C7 and ISP Router

Hopefully someone can share some pointers/guides with me. I would prefer the LuCI web interface guides. This is what I am after

  1. I want to connect by Archer C7 via Ethernet Cable to ISP router to get internet access
  2. I want a different WiFi SSID on Archer C7 (different from what I have running on ISP router) along with it's DHCP & DNS server
  3. OpenVPN client on Archer C7, I've installed this and have this working

The idea is devices connecting to Archer C7 would get VPN connection, devices connecting to ISP router would not.

So far I've managed to connect Archer C7 to my ISP router by using WiFi client guide, but all that does is extend my existing WiFi. I don't want that, I wanted to create a new WiFi SSID. I can see options of creating new WiFi but I don't understand how to add firewall rules/any changes to network interfaces.

Also, what do I need to do to connect by Archer C7 to my ISP router via ethernet cable? Is it simply a matter of connecting LAN <-> LAN or should it be Internet port of Archer C7 to LAN port of ISP Router. Also, any changes in Firewall, Network interfaces required to get this running?

I've managed to install OpenVPN client & have that configured and it's running.

Thanks a lot in advance

That's the way to go. Good luck.


Yes just treat the ISP router lan as the internet source for the C7 then configure it for "whole house VPN. Anyone connected to the LAN of the C7 gets VPN. Anyone connected to the ISP router directly, bypasses it.

The main concern is if the ISP LAN is 192.168.1.X, you have to set the C7 LAN to some other range.


In addition to what was said, you need to to your C7 WAN Interface (Internet port) as DHCP client (which is the default anyway).

An alternative option would be to use VLANs on C7 to make one WiFi that goes through VPN and one that doesn't.


Thanks for your reply. I've connected my C7 with ISP router in AP mode. My LAN IP is in the same subnet as ISP router IP. Is that an issue for VPN to work?

After doing this, I can't get my devices to get VPN. They're bypassing the VPN. I'm missing on something trivial. This is what my interfaces looks like:

Any pointers?

You already got pointers, yet you ignored them.

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Start with conventional LAN -> WAN routing with different subnets as directed. Then start up VPN with conventional configuration where it takes over the router routes and sends everything via VPN.

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If you want the 2 routers to have separated networks then you would connect the network cable in the
Internet port on the Archer Router going towards a Lan port on your ISP Router while ensuring that both routers uses different subnets.

If you would want to have the 2 routers to be within the same network so that all the devices connected on either router would still be able to communicate with one another, then you would connect the network cable in the Lan ports of both routers, while also assuring that both routers would use the same subnets (but a different digit at the end to avoid IP Address confusion).

Subnets being the 3rd digit in the IP

192.168.X.1 (where X represents the subnet)

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Oh ok, thanks. I've got LAN -> WAN stuff working, giving VPN a go now.

Thanks - this was really helpful and I've got the LAN -> WAN to work

Ok, so I finally got this up and running. Barney, mk24 and Blackcat1987 your posts were helpful. Thanks.

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