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I would need help with the following problem.
I have my phone as a client to my router through a VPN tunnel Wireguard. In my router I have different VPN clients to NordVpn Servers or Mullvad wireguard servers. I have the IP of my mobile routed through PBR to those VPN servers. When I am away from home and I do a Whatmyipadress test, I get the IP to the VPN server to which I have routed my mobile, but when I do a leak test, my home phone service comes out, so I have a leak, but this does not happens when my phone is in the home Wlan, I have no leak. Could someone help me fix it?

Which DNS server are you using when you are connected to the wireguard?

Wireguard Interface :

So you are sending all the queries to the dnsmasq running on the OpenWrt.
If you have configured OpenWrt to use your ISP DNS or some other DNS, you'll see a leak.
Configure the DNS of the VPN provider if everything goes through VPN.

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There are different leak tests, e.g. IPv6, DNS, WebRTC, BitTorrent, etc., so which test are you referring to?

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do not really understand.
with the mobile at home using the wlan the mullvad test gives me everything green, except the WebRTC that gives me red, but when I'm away from home, it gives me everything red, leak everything, when I'm supposed to be connected by the wireguard tunnel to router

When you are connecting at home, which dns is the device using?

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those of the router. and

this is what i did in a previous thread:

uci -q delete dhcp.lan.dhcp_option
uci add_list dhcp.lan.dhcp_option="6,,"
uci -q delete dhcp.lan.dns
uci add_list dhcp.lan.dns="2001:4860:4860::8888"
uci add_list dhcp.lan.dns="2001:4860:4860::8844"
uci commit dhcp
/etc/init.d/dnsmasq restart
/etc/init.d/odhcpd restart

Being connected through the wireguard tunnel to the router, shouldn't I use the same when I'm away from home?

No, when you are in the lan you are using the GoogleDNS and they are most likely being routed via the vpn tunnel, therefore you don't have the leaks.

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And what can I do when I'm away from home without those leaks and it works the same as at home?

Use GoogleDNS.


okay. I get it. I have used dns in the wireguard app and not and it seems to be working for now. Thank you very much again for your great help and sorry for causing you so much trouble. Thank you very much for the great patience and help. this forum is amazing


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