Help wanted - Wiki site admin / managers

Our main web site: is without any admin help. We have a number of registered users there with admin privs, however; most are no longer active or do not want the job. 'tmomas', who is unfortunately no longer available, used to do a lot of the forum and wiki management. The forum is OK for now. I am asking here for volunteers to take over the management of the wiki (DokuWiki) and ToH database (SQL). We need people who can manage/administer this site with some experience with DokuWiki and/or SQL required. There are folks here in the forum who helped design and setup the wiki - please consider if you have the time to help out. Also, any other forum regular who would like to volunteer, let us know.

Management needs for the Wiki:

  • Create/approve Wiki accounts for contributors.

  • Organize the TechData pages ( which in turn become Device Pages which provide the detailed technical information added/updated in the ToH DB.

  • Monitor the wiki for spam and bad behavior.

  • Keep wiki software up-to-date.

Note: The maintenance of the ToH DB, as it is today, is really to keep it from completely falling apart. Its current implementation is the main cause of why the site is not very responsive. We are hoping to find some time to re-think it and implement a better solution.

DM me or reply to this topic if you are interested.