Help understanding vlaan bridge DSA config

I have replaced my cisco enterprise homelab with a more "simple" home network after moving into a colo, but i still have a server at home i need help getting to talk vlan on my linksys e8450

I have 4 trunk ports with the standard vlan config with vlan 1 being untagged, however there is no network on this vlan. I still have a cisco switch upstream of these as i migrate and my vlans seem to work

The issue comes to the port that i have for the server, which has its native vlan expected to work in vlan 2. None of the vms or the server itself on the raw interface can connect when linked to the linksys switch, vms in the vlan interface 3+ do work. if i connect to the cisco switch with a properly configured port, it works as expected

This makes me think theres something im misconfiguring below on port 4

Where should it be able to talk to, the device on lan1? Or the router? If it's the router, did you set up corresponding interfaces for VLAN2?

On the server, the admin network is untagged which should exist in vlan 2 in the router.

Other vms work in vlan 3, 10 and 11, which are tagged.

So on port 4, native untagged traffic should enter the vlan2 space. Its a Classic Cisco native vlan trunk configuration.