Help to reflash r6220 stock firmware

I recently installed openwrt v21 on r6220 but its too much larggy when playing games but I think I didn't config it correctly but I want to get back to stock. I tried nmrpflash and it always end up with failed to add ip address, plz help me

This device works just fine with 21.02, and no unusual lag whatsoever. Reset your config and give it a second try. It is worthy.
If you really want to go back to stock, than nmrpflahs is the right tool. Did you firewall accept the connexion ?

Thank you sir for your reply, I tried resetting few times nothing happened. Its good works fine, problem is whenever playing online games connection freeze every 3-4 seconds and on stock ping was much lower than what I'm getting here. But if somehow able to fix those issue this firmware great for my router.

Finally solved, back to stock with nmrpflash

C:\Users\INSAF\Downloads\SHAREit\SM-G965F\file\nmrpflash-0.9.16-win32>nmrpflash.exe -i net8-f firmware.img
Advertising NMRP server on net8 ...
Received configuration request from 14:59:00:c3:69:18.
Sending configuration:
Received upload request without filename.
Uploading firmware.img ... OK (26624628 b)
Waiting for remote to respond.
Received keep-alive request (244).
Remote finished. Closing connection.
Reboot your device now.

Problem was ethernet port after fixing one of the pin windows detected the cable and it worked.

So it was hardware related. Glad you solved.
I understand that you would like to keep stock firmware, but as you are already an openWrt user, I don't need to explain that it's far more worthy to install. This device runs 21.02 very smoothly.

I wanted to but as I don't know how to config properly which stock one does it for me. I'm going to use stock until I figure it out how to config properly.

From Netgear stock firmware, use GUI upgrade with this file

Or you may want to wait a few days until next RC/final 21.02.

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