Help to install OpenWrt on my PowerBeam-500-5AC-ISO version XC

I have a UBIQUITI PowerBeam-500-5ac-iso XC version, I have tried several methods to install openwrt but without success ...

I am open to solutions, help !!!


The device is not supported, but I am working on it. Since I still haven't open mine, could you please post a picture of the other side of the board? Can you spot the CPU model? It should be QCA955x.


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I'll show you something else later, or I don't have the PBE-5AC-ISO here with me, you tell me and I'll show you what you need...

Hi @CyberHead,

You may want to try .


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Hi, any news on going from snapshot to official release?

Hi @rogerpueyo,

Sorry for the delay, covid things, I tested it yesterday on my PowerBeam 5AC 500 ISO board, it ran the snapshot correctly, I also installed luci web gui, it only remains to polish a few details, greetings and success, happy coding


Great! No worries about the delay. :slight_smile:

Do you mean regarding the support for the device, regarding the LuCI web GUI or is it something about your particular setup?


hi @rogerpueyo
Yes, the LuCI web GUI, apparently it is not fully functional in the device, from what I could see in some changes that I made the wireless radio marked it as disabled when it was not, having an active connection that did not show, too when applying the changes they stayed in the queue accumulating and did not apply the changes, you kept making changes and kept adding to the queue

OK, then I understand it's not related to the device support itself, but something with LuCI. :+1:

Hi @rogerpueyo Yeap :+1:,
any idea of ​​the official firmware?
I have added some data here:

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There's been some discussion on the mailing list about 20.xx but there's nothing clear, it seems!

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