Help to add USB2 to TP-LINK Archer C6 V2

Hi everyone I'm mew here, I'm not a technician especially in computer hardware but I'm able to do simple electronic things like smoldering, according to

We can add usb 2 to Archer C6 v2 and in fact it was successful:

Can any please elaborate which pin/wire should be soldered to which pin on USB port?

Uhm, it's on the Wiki you just quoted:

Hi, I'm the author of the thread you have linked.

Idea is simple, connect the DP0 and DM0 pins to the USB cable/connector according to the image on the wiki. If you want second USB port, that's what the DP1 and DM1 pins are for.
You don't need to worry about the VDD PLL pins, they are already wired to provide the power. Then you only need to provide GND connection and +5V power for the USB device. You will need to add a 5V regulator as AFAICT there isn't anywhere on the board to steal 5V from. You can take power for the regulator from the barrel jack input.

Not to try to gatekeep, BUT be advised that this very likely exceeds your abilities, especially if you only have experience with "simple electronic things like smoldering". The package is staggered pins QFN so the exposed pins are 0.25mm apart (the wiki is wrong about that).

Good luck

Here are some pictures I found of the modifications I have made:

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Thank you very much, very clear and helpful​:+1: you are very right about my abilities, I should really think it through before messing any thing up :wink:

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