Help to add D-Link DWR-116

Hi all,
I have a few routers sitting around, just started migrating from OpenWRT to LEDE, and thought I might have a go at building for the D-Link DWR-116 if possible. A search hasn't provided much luck with the particular device:
But is there a guide to interrogating the router via serial and then building a custom firmware package?
And then if it works, what details would the devs then require to add into the supported devices list?
Thanks in advance.

The OpenWrt wiki entry is helpful, as is the LEDE page on adding new devices. There seems to be little overlap between both, so I'm linking both.

Check your HW version on the stickers on the bottom of your router and use one squasfs-factory.bin from chkdsk's work!

Or simply build his PR#675: ramips: add support for DLINK DWR-116-A1 and A2