Help setting up webserver to be accessible from lan and wan

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I'm trying to set up a Truenas scale server running micro-services in my house, and I'd really appreciate your help.

Server has static ip It's the only device in vlan server, and in firewall zone server. The services (served by Traefik on port 443) should be accessible from the local network and remotely without the use of a VPN.
On the factory Netgear firmware this was pretty simple, but I can't see what needs to be done to get it working on OpenWrt 21.02.2.
I hope it's alright if I paste screenshots of the relevant pages in Luci, as I'm currently unable to ssh into the router.

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You do not need to create routes for locally accessible nodes.

Please, post your network interfaces, too.


Thank you for the clear-up, Eduperez. Since nothing else was working I figured I might as well try adding routes.
Here is the interface overview, and the advanced settings for SERVER interface. ROUTERCHAIN is a separate VLAN for an "untrusted" stock router in the network. Should I post more?

as i understand zone forwardings column for wan should be blank and only output=accept by default. then if you want to allow something put it to exception list and manually add rules for example via the port forward tab. with this current setup any traffic from wan can access your router (=input accept) unfiltered which normally you would not want.

Thanks. I changed it so that for WAN, only output=accept