[Help] Setting up VirtualBox OpenWrt

Hello guys,

Sorry, if this is not the correct category to ask this. But this is the nearest I can see that is related to my issue.

I'm trying to setup a test environment for OpenWRT using VirtualBox, I followed the documentation from here.

But when I try to start it, this is what I get.

I'm on MacOS Big Sur, using VirtualBox version 6.1.16

But If i try the headless, it boots up (based on the preview screen), but there is no terminal or I can't determine the IP to try via SSH.

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Try to upgrade VirtualBox to the latest version.

ohh hahaha thanks again @vgaetera

hmmm.. i'm already running the latest version

VirtualBox is known to be sensitive to the host OS version and updates.

I see the 6.1.18 packages here:

Try to manually download and reinstall the 6.1.18 package.

As always, super thanks for your help, VM now boots properly :smile: @vgaetera

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