Help setting up trunk port + untagged interfaces in WRT3200ACM


I think that I need help because no matter what I try and read, I'm unable to get this working after upgrading from lede 17 to openwrt 22.

My expected configuration should be:

WAN: trunk port for vlans 13 - 17
LAN1 to LAN4: untagged ports (on vlan 16 to begin with)
Wifi linked to vlan16
Management on vlan17 static IP address.

Everything worked with LEDE, the switch directly connected in WAN and the main router do work.

This is what I'm trying:
First I create the VLAN I need to manage the router.

Then I configure the address:

I also create the vlan to link the Wifi at the end.

Next I add the wan interface to the bridge:

And I apply the configuration I do expect:

And that's it. It tries to apply changes but it loses management interface on br-lan ( and I never get access to my new IP The only option it gives me is to rollback the changes.

I'm really curious about why I lose access on because I'm still connected to LAN4, which is untagged after the configuration.

I have been trying many things, including command line configuration and I'm still unable to get it working.


Hostname OpenWrt
Model Linksys WRT3200ACM
Architecture ARMv7 Processor rev 1 (v7l)
Target Platform mvebu/cortexa9
Firmware Version OpenWrt 22.03.2 r19803-9a599fee93 / LuCI openwrt-22.03 branch git-22.288.45147-96ec0cd
Kernel Version 5.10.146
Local Time 2022-10-14 23:22:03
Uptime 0h 37m 34s
Load Average 0.00, 0.02, 0.02

Any help is welcome.


it is untagged (access) with vlan16, and according to your pictures, there is no management IP on vlan16

I see your point. But that's just an example, I can leave LAN4 with no VLAN and still I have no access to the address in br-lan.

And above those points I don't have access to br-lan.17 which has an IP address correctly configured.

Anyhow I tested this:

I create an IP for br-lan.16:

And I configure only LAN4. I'm directly connected to it.

Then I apply changes and I lose management completely. No access to and neither to I'm configuring the interface on my side properly, of course.

But this shows that there is something in openwrt that I'm misunderstanding.

After a while I have got access to br-lan with ip but no never to br-lan.16 with IP Same behavior as with br-lan.17 in the trunk interface.


which is "normal", as i see from your pictures, you deleted the default interface with, or if you did not, is on Vlan1 and your ports are in different VLANs

sadly, i don't have wrt3200 at home :frowning: but ...

list ports 'lan4:u*'

i think that you need a star (asterisk) at the end of access port
this will set default PVID for lan4

Ok, wait I was too fast when writing my last answer.

In fact I can have all the lan ports in VLAN16 and I can manage the router in br-lan.16.

Now let's try to add the vlan tagged in wan port.

Ok, still working.

Now let's complete the trunk port configuration:

I keep management on br-lan.16. I also checked that from the main router I have got access to br-lan.17.

Now that I think it should be that I'm missing the default gateway in openwrt and that's why I cannot reach it from my compùter. That would be a pretty stupid error from my side.

I cannot test anything else today I will update the thread tomorrow.

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So that was the problem. My initial assumption and configuration was indeed correct. I'm able to propagate VLANs as I wanted.

I guess I did something wrong, then lost management and became mad searching for the cause.

But the conclusion is that once setting up VLAN filtering you just need to set up a vlan device with an IP to reach it, and be sure that openwrt has the necessary routes in order to reach other networks.

It was pretty stupid from my side to not find this earlier.

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