Help setting up openvpn Layer 2 ethernet bridging


I want to setup openvpn Layer 2 ethernet bridging between an openwrt router and a ddwrt router.

Where do I start?

there is no client configuration like in the virtual appliance from openvpn server

how do I generate all the certificates and setting needed to connect the two router?


It's relatively simple for OpenWrt:

However, you need to address questions regarding DD-WRT to its own forum:

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yes but it is the only router that I`ve got.

For sure I could flash on it openwrt.

but that would be another work to do, and after all ddwrt and openwrt are both opensource, so they should work together, I think

When connecting routers at two sites, you'd almost always want to use routing, not bridging.

The certificates and authentication are the same in either case though.

Instances of OpenVPN on any platform will interoperate as long as properly configured and the versions are both recent. New versions may refuse to connect to old versions for security reasons.

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I want to connect the router in the same subnet LAN to LAN.


please I need some help

generating all the certificates,

I-m currently under windows

You can generate the keys and certs on OpenWrt running on your router or in VirtualBox.