Help setting a VM network in Virtualbox

for testing purpose I want to setup network in which an openwrt vm serves only other virtual machines under Virtualbox.
Following this guide I downloaded and deployed the openwrt VM.

I set 3 interfaces:
1- host only (MNG) for managing purpose and access through ssh, LUCI, etc
2- nat as the WAN interface
3- internal network to create the LAN I need.

Now I'm a bit confused: the first two work "out of the box" but the third interface is not recognized. When I install open wrt on real routers I usually find the LAN ports already visible and active, instead in this VM I ca see only the MNG (1) and the WAN (2).

Now I'm not sure how to continue, should I create a new interface in LUCI for the 3rd NIC and then make a bridge to the WAN interface? Is there any doc I can read about this?

It is question concerning VirtualBox, not OpenWRT.

(optional) eth2 of the VM on lan interface, configured depending on your local network, set in VirtualBox as Bridged Adapter. This interface allows other devices (host included) to connect to the VM as if it was a physical device in the local network. Will only work if there is already a local network of some kind.

So what is your question? You should have additional 'lan' interface. You can create another VM, and connect it to 'lan' as bridge.

You should create interface in properties of VM, not in OpenWRT.

No that's not. I think you misunderstood. In Virtualbox if you set a NIC as Bridged adapter you would end up with openwrt in the same physical lan as the host and other physical machines of your lan, along with other virtual machines.

Instead I want openwrt to attach to the internal lan (only virtual machines can connect at it) and in order to do this I have to set the eth2 as internal net. But the point is that there is no eth2 shown in LUCI as you can see from the screenshot from my previous post and I can't figure if I need to set it up as bridged or not.

Ok I just "copied" the configuration from a physical router and it actually works

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