Help selecting router between archer c6 and archer a6


Not sure if this is the right place to ask this.

I'm looking to buy a new device and my research and budget pointed me towards archer c6 v2 (qualcomm) a6 v3 (mediatek).

My primary need is use it with stock firmware for regular access point setup (for now). But if in future I might install OpenWrt on it, so I just wanna know which one should I buy.

QCA9563 is single core, MT7621DAT is dual core.
QCA has better support with OpenWrt (AFAIK), and last I heard mediatek doesn't perform well with it due to driver issue, don't know if it's fixed now.

So I'm like super confused right now.

Would appreciate any help.

what's the budget ?
and where are you, geographically ?

I'm getting these devices second hand (budget 10-20 $). The seller told me same amount for both of these.
I'm in Asia.

Make sure it's the right version of the C6 and A6, not all are supported.
Have the seller check the sticker underneath the unit.

I'd stay away from the Archer C6 v2, since it's a 8mb flash device, those
will not be supported after next release of openwrt.

Thanks for reply,

Yes, already checked the labels underneath, they're the right version.