Help required with htop on Archer A6v3

It appears that the Archer A6v3 has 2 CPU cores yet I'm unable to view the progress of the 2nd core on htop. I see only a thing regarding cpu utilisation which is "CPU%". Kindly guide me in the right direction.

F2 - Setup

Select Meters > Available Meters

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Ah well thanks a ton! Enjoy your day and Cheers!

I did a little digging and this is what I ended up with. Is this right? Thanks.

Run the Waveform speed and bufferbloat test, and see if there is more than 1 core in use.

On some devices, only 1 core is available in 21.02

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I recorded the ssh session while a bufferbloat test was running. I got 230 down and 192 up on a 350Mbps link when sqm is enabled and hardware offloading and software offloading are enabled.
Is it fine? Is there a way to like increase my speeds when sqm is turned on?

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