Help: replaced modem, no internet now

I am running 23.05.3 on my Netgear Nighthawk R8000, today I replaced my Netgear CM500 with an Arris Sufrboard S33 and worked with my ISP to get it online. Connected to my modem I am able to get my rpi to load web pages, but my router won't do its thing when I plug it in. I did a config backup and reset but still cant get the package updater to connect or any devices obviously.

Reboot your cable modem, possibly a few times.

If that doesn't work right away, follow this process:

  • Disconnect power from both your router and your cable modem
  • Disconnect the ethernet cable that runs from the cable modem to the router.
  • Plug in the power for the cable modem and let it fully boot up.
  • Then, briefly disconnect the cable modem's power and connect it again. Allow it to fully boot again.
  • repeat that process 2 more times, until the cable modem has been power cycled 4 times.
  • Plug in the power to your router and let it fully boot.
  • Once both devices are fully booted, connect the ethernet cable between the modem and the wan port of the router.
  • Wait a moment -- maybe as long as a minute. Then check to see if things are working.
  • If you're still having issues, post the output of:
ifstatus wan
logread -e udhcpc
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thank you very much, I had done roughly that but without restarting the modem so many times. is that important for some specific reason or did I just need to hold my mouth right and wait longer?

Depends on how long CPE delays changing MAC address on your side.