Help: Repeater mode with TL-WR902AC

I flashed openwrt in my tl-wr902ac. I want to use it as wifi extender, I followed steps from But relayd seems to breaks connection, overall wifi speed is also very slow.
Is there any other method to use my router as extender.

  • WDS: Recommended solution, but requires OpenWrt and a suitable WiFi chip on the main router / access point.
  • Routed client: Works best if you can set a static route on the main router, otherwise results in double NAT (the fallback solution).

Which model is your main router / access point?

Can you quantify "very slow"? Which WiFi speed do you want?

My main router is tenda n301 which does not support WDS.
From main router speed is 12-15 Mbps (internet speed) but the access point created by Openwrt repeater is giving just 0.6-0.8 Mbps.
When I was using same repeater with tp-link official firmware it works fine with speed of 10-12 Mbps.
Edit : sometimes I see speed is fine but another time it reduces to 0.6-0.8 Mbps

Try the solution from the "Routed Client" wiki page, section "Using MASQUERADE", and check the speed again.

For comparison, measure with a (wired/wireless) client connected to the main router.

Can you tell me what's the default method for extender mode used in tp link official firmware. I see it's showing "WDS status connected" in tp-link web UI.
I think wds mode should be setup from main router, but I didn't configured anything.