Help please Asus RT-AC67P/ RTACRH18

Hello all I had purchased this Asus RT-AC67P mistakenly thinking it was the AC67U but I was wrong I cannot seem to find anything anywhere on the internet about installing Openwrt or any of the other 3rd party firmware downloads any help would be very much appreciated, I have tried using TFTP and flashing it via windows machine, it like the router takes the firmware then gets stuck in a boot loop and I have to reset it. From what I’ve been looking up there’s a partition that’s kept me from bricking yet so far. Thanks

Your device does not appear to be supported by OpenWrt... if it was supported, it would be listed in the table of hardware:

You'll probably want to search the internet in general for other firmware options for that device, or sell it and buy one that is supported by OpenWrt.

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thank you, for the response. The craziest thing was I did find one page on Openwrt explaining how to flash that router. It said that the only way possible was via ssh using wget which I have both working on the device. I thought that I had bookmarked the page on my cell phone because i was out running some errands when I came across it. Now I can't find it again for the life of me. which is ridiculous I had a feeling that I should have taken a screenshot of the command line syntax so that I could try and call it when I got home. I just spent the last three hours trying to backtrack through my search history. when i search it on openwrt nothing comes up and I'm certain it was a published openwrt web page. Thanks again.

It is possible that you saw a thread where people were trying to get it supported in the past... there may have been some partial success if that is the case, which may have given the impression that the device was supported.

Also possible that it was for another firmware (such as DDWRT, Tomato, etc.) which would not be supported here, but may have had instructions for installing.

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