Help OpenWrt, OpenVPN and Firewall

Hi, i have this problematic configuration...
The RemoteVPN work perfectly, then from remote i can go in all my LAN.
Now i want to configure OpenWrt inside a GL-AR300N Router (Advanced Mode Luci) in this mode:
I want that the VPN Client go inside a Server ( but in nobody other device.
Thus i want that the PC3( can work only with external internet IN and OUT and not in my LAN. It's possibile without buy firewall device, PfSense or other but use the GL-AR300N with OpenWrt ? Thank's a lot. Ste

If I understand your request, it's actually pretty simple...

You want PC3 ( to have internet access, but no access to the rest of the lan.
This is not possible as your have drawn your diagram. However, you could create a guest network on your main router (or even your VPN router) and connect PC3 to that new network (this means it would be on a different subnet).

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Thank's, the second request(PC3) is ok, but the first ? ( the VPN Client can access to Server( but not in other device of LAN.
So, i know that if the master router( have a OpenWrt is so simple, at this moment i cant' change this router... but it is therefore possible that a secondary device can manage the LAN traffic even if it is not the main router.. if yes, how can i configure in a Openwrt (Luci interface) this mode ? Thank's so much.