Help On Wireless Bridge/Router Setup

I have a main modem/router ( it’s a ubee modem/router provided by spectrum) and I have a second router with openwrt that I have configured as a wireless repeater using relayd. Earlier today when I was in the settings of my modem/router I saw an option of wireless bridging and I was wondering if I turned it on and applied it to the mac address of my second router will it become a wireless receiver so I wouldn’t have to use relayd. And I’ve gotten feedback stating that in order for SQM and other settings on openwrt to be truly successful I’ll need to make my second router the main router so I was wondering if there was a way I can turn off the router ability in my main modem/router and use it as just a modem with the router abilities going through my second router.

A rule of thumb. If it works, keep it that way.

Agreed except the nat is type 2 for like an hr and then goes to 3 and a couple hours after that just disconnects

you should look if your provider modem can work in bridged mode (no routing, no nat, no dhcp, no firewall, no wifi), so it will act only as a modem, then your openwrt router can act as the main router with all services.

edit: this will solve/avoid double nat.

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