HELP needed - custom build for TL-WA801ND v3

Hi, i bought 5 TL-WA801ND v3 for a youth hostle because

  • poe
  • multi ssid / vlan
  • radius auhentication
  • 20$
    But there seems to be a bug in the OEM firmware: when using multissid, dhcp request are not forwarded :frowning:

So i did some research and found openwrt. There is only a trunk build, no luci. Tried to install luci - no space on device. So i did some more research and found the LEDE Project - YAY stable build with luci. But i need radius authentication so i tried to remove wpad-mini and install wpad instead... you guess it: no space on device :frowning:

Did some research and reading again: i have to build a custom firmware so i installed ubuntu and the image builder in a vm and now - i'm lost which packeges to inculde? Which to strip?

I could spend days of my life reading or i ask someone who know what he is doing and pay him a beer :slight_smile:

what i have:
TL-WA801ND v3 single ethernet port accesspoint with one radio

what i don't need:
ipv6, dhcp servers, iptables (i think so?), ppp, ... other stuff only used in routers

what i need:
working wlan with multissid/vlan, WPA2-PSK, WPA2-EAP (wpad instead of wpad-mini), Webinterface/luci would be great, ssh/telnet, everything else i forgot that is needed (if i would, i would build it :smiley: )

what would be great: custom config so the device is set to dhcp-client at default

whoever will be my savior, he or she will get ab beer. In person in Freising/Munich Germany or paypal :smiley:

OK. I'll buy myself a beer. Up and running :smiley:


Did you save any notes on how you did it? I'm trying to get a similar setup working on my TL-WA801ND v3 access points.