Help needed - bridge mode / client mode

Hi there all

I need your guys help. I want to buy the xiaomi nano youth router in china and put OpenWrt on it.

On this moment i got a good wifi in my house and i just need 1 wired connection for my TV. So i want to use this router only as a 'wifi reciever' and give this a good wired signal to the television. Netgear calls it wifi bridge / client bridge.
I dont want this router as repeater or extender or makings new signals to disturb the other signals. I Just want a wired connection without repeating or extending the signals.

Is this possble or not?

WDS/ 4addr should work for mt76 as well (there is no need to repeat the signal again), but that requires your main AP to run OpenWrt with a mac80211 based driver as well.

Also an option

I suggest a setting up within the new router, a locally routed and firewalled off Internet of Things network. You really don't want a "smart" TV having access to devices on your LAN. It should only be able to go out to the Internet.

The "backhaul" to your main router can be a wifi client, acting as a "receiver" only.

Hi. I have problem with openwrt settings. I use a tplink wr941 router as main router with openwrt and a tplink wr841 router as client brige with openwrt. The network is works fine, lan and wifi too, but I can not configure client router if i connected to main router with wireless or lan. What is wrong ? Why can not manage client. If I send ping then answer is: no station found. Both router are in same subnet. Please help, I have no idea!