Help installing access point within wired network

I have cable modem connected to Router-1 WAN port. I have Router-1 LAN port connected to Router-2 WAN port. I have Router-2 LAN port connected to Router-3 LAN port. Router-1 serves DNS to Router-2.

Router-1 and Router-2 are wired with no wifi enabled. I want to make Router-3 a wifi access point with an IP address within Router-2. So if Router-2 has an IP of, I would like Router-3 to have an IP of (for example). But Router-3 will be a wifi provider.

Can someone advise what settings would allow for this configuration?

This guide has not been working for me. Thank you for posting it though. When I make the specified configuration and Save & Apply, OpenWrt goes thru its 30 second countdown and offers to revert the changes. If I don't revert, I get locked out.

The guide does not mention protocol via the LuCI config. Is it correct that the Protocol is left at "Static address"? For example, Network > Interfaces > LAN > Edit = Protocol: Static address.

Is it also correct that when setting the DNS, I am setting the field "Use custom DNS servers" to the address of the "Main Router"?

  • Change LAN IP to an IP in the range of the Wired LAN, add gateway and DNS server on Interface LAN
  • Disable DHCP on Interface LAN

The revert is for safety, it is activated when the web GUI experiences a settings change that makes it loose connection (i.e. changing LAN IP).

  • Immediately browse to the new IP, this should stop the revert

After that:

  • Plug device into a LAN port
  • Done!
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This old wiki worked:

Here is a screenshot of the after effect in LuCI (but I configured it in terminal how it is described in the wiki). Notice how the Disable DHCP for this interface is not enabled. The old wiki has me disable dnsmasq.