Help in unbricking TP-Link Archer C60 V3 (continued)

I also have brick TPLink Archer C60 V3 RU after flash.
Now I cann't get back to original firmware nor flash OpwerWRT :cry:

The problem is incorrect version number for C60 V3 {soft_ver:1.0.2} instead if {soft_ver:3.0.0}.
Problem described here ( but the topic is closed, so I had to create a new one.

Also I cann't flash OpenWRT because there absent RUS sid {special_id:52550000}

Great mans @adrianschmutzler and @invalidusername managed to recalculate checksum of binary image after editing binary by hands in hex editor!!!
Please @adrianschmutzler, @invalidusername help!!! Please tell how to recalculate checksum after edit binary by hand in hex editor!!!

  1. Orig RUS firmware with incorrect version inside
  2. Latest OpenWRT without RUS SID
  3. My RUS SID: special_id:52550000

@adrianschmutzler can you please check this? I need the edited firmware as well. Same you already uploaded but it is not downloadable now.

Fixed the download.

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