Help in configuring 802.1 q VLAN


I have a TP-Link Archer C6 v2 router with openwrt and TL-SG108E Easy smart switch.

My primary br-lan interface is configured with static address,

Now i want to have another two interfaces (vlan) with static addresses as and

I am using LAN 1 port of router to connect to swich, and in switch i need to assign the vlan 4 & 5 to dedicated port.

eg, in switch
port 8 -
port 7-
port 6 -
port 5 -
port 4 -

port 1 - connected to router

VLAN configuration in router

Interface configuration in router

VLAN configuration in switch 802.1Q

The VLAN are not working properly
I could not connect to 10.10.4.x or 10.10.5.x

1.OpenWrt router:
Do not mix tagged and untagged frames on the same physical interface. Enable VLAN tagging for VLAN 1 on interface LAN1.

2.TP-Link switch:
Make sure that 802.1Q function is enabled. The VLAN configuration should look like this.

Find the menu VLAN>802.1Q VLAN PVID Setting and make the following changes:

Port    PVID
Port6	 5
Port7	 5
Port8	 4

For clarification, take a look at these examples.

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I use a NetGear SG108E


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It worked Thanks :slight_smile:

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