HELP for SPEED SLOW ON WZR-HP-G300NH (OpenWrt 18.06.2)

New installed OpenWrt 18.06.2 on Buffalo WZR-HP-G300NH (Hardware supports 1000Mbps both on WAN & LAN, and 300Mbps Wi-Fi)

1)LAN SPEED:About 330Mbps download speed on ASUS RT-AC66U B1 from Internet, but no more than 200Mbps download speed on WZR-HP-G300NH

2)WLAN SPEED:About 330Mbps download speed on ASUS RT-AC66U B1 from Internet, but no more than 100Mbps download speed on WZR-HP-G300NH

(Mode N, Channel 6, Width 40MHz, Transmit Power auto, Encryption WPA2-PSK, Cipher AES in LuCI)

UPLOAD SPEED is about 30Mbps, same on each router, no matter LAN of WLAN

All tests are based on ' by Ookla', same remote server & same settings, Wireless speed is tested on iPhone 7 Plus

Problem of OpenWrt or WZR-HP-G300NH? How to improve?

The device looks like it has a 400MHz cpu so it most likely reaches the limit of throughput rate. You can verify that by running a top command while performing the speedtest. Check the cpu utilization on the second line and pay attention to the idle % value.

as flow offload is not yet available for your device (daily snpashots for now your only chance to get higher speed with openwrt is to compile your own image with qualcomm's SFE module

Tested, about 15% idle while download speed is above 200Mbps+(WZR-HP-G300NH's WAN to AC66U B1's LAN, no PPPoE)

Well, that's how it is... You can do some tweaks which might increase performance slightly but ~140-150Mbit is pretty much the limit for the AR9132 CPU and that's excluding PPPoE.

with SFE patch it can do >400 mbps via pppoe and ~700mbps ipoe (simple nat)
if you can't/don't want to patch it you can try dd-wrt that has SFE included
There's only 'Migrate from DD-WRT to OpenWrt', no 'Migrate from OpenWrt to DD-WRT'
How to?

Instructions on "how to migrate from X to dd-wrt" would logically belong at the dd-wrt sites.

General advice is to flash back to stock manufacturer's firmware then follow dd-wrt instructions to install from stock.

Many THX, and why offical OpenWrt does not include SFE/SIMPLE NAT while DD-WRT does on this device?

SFE wasn't accepted by the openwrt developers.
they implemented a different technology - flow offload - available only for ath79 targets.
your router wasn't included yet in this ath79

The flow-offloading infrastructure has been merged into the mainline kernel (not just OpenWrt) with kernel 4.16 (and was backported to OpenWrt's 4.14 kernel), it's available to all architectures with a current enough kernel. Maintenance for this new feature is covered by the mainline netdev developers and doesn't require the OpenWrt developers to maintain it (while SFE is an out-of-tree implementation, which would have needed constant attention by OpenWrt developers). Furthermore the flow-offloading feature provides a unified interface for software based offloading and hardware acceleration (currently only for mt7621, but AR8327N/ QCA8337N and lantiq (potentially even the ipq806x NPU/ NSS cores) would be other potential candidates).

That means flow-offloading will never appear on ar71xx, or just keep waiting for future editions(including snapshot builds)?

I understood all models in ar71xx will be migrated to ath79.
The developers just need time and a real device to do the porting.

Netfilter Flow Offloading (in ar71xx):

snapshot v18.06 v19.03 (next release)
available yes no yes
kernel version 4.14 4.9 4.14
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THX, so when will v19.03 stable release be ready for users, Mar 2019?