Help for mixed environment setup

Hi all,
as many other users on this forum I'm trying to improve my home network.

My main gateway is a RPI4 running OpenWRT connected to a managed switch following this post

Unfortunately before meeting OpenWRT i purchased two Honor routers. Since they are very new and powerful I wouldn't buy others.
Both have ethernet wired connection.

My goals are:

  1. to have the same ssid(s) on the whole house
  2. to run both Honor routers as independent access point to avoid issues with repeating/meshing
  3. to run a guest network.

After a lot of attempts I'm still very puzzled.

If I link routers to the WAN port I get guest network, but I get also two more DHCP servers and I don't know how this affects devices moving between routers. Moreover i don't know how the traffic originated from access point will be managed by the RPI4.
If I link routers to LAN port I get guest network as well, but obviously the traffic originated from connected devices goes nowhere.

My scenario looks like this one with two NoTOpenWRT AP.

Is there any other approach that i didn't consider?

Many thanks in advance for your suggestions.

My kind regards


Are you sure there's no IP conflict, when you set them up via LAN ?

I would expect the two Honors to interfere with each other, and with the the RPi,
depending on what subnet they use on the LAN side, and the amount of DHPCs used :wink:

Without knowing how the built in Mesh functionality works, the LAN setup is generally the way to go.

Hi, frollic
Thank for your answer

Yes, I am

I could assign each Honor to a different VLAN, but I don't realize if there would be any improvements.

I agree. LAN setup is better to keep network simple.
Unfortunately running a separate guest WLAN is not mandatory to me and I don't know how I could get it working in this LAN setup.
I think Honor bridges/forwards guest wifi to WAN, so If I had two cables linking each access point and more ports in the switch I could use the WAN port as a return channel to the RPI (untested).

I have no more ideas.

My kind regards