Help for installing on Linksys e5350

So im very new to this whole thing, but a friend told me to try open and I am.

But when I try to upload the file and upgrade the firmware through my router gui, it goes up to 15% then says upgrade failed and then reboots. Ive tried this multiple times and nothings working.

I also tried to look for older firmware versions but I cant find any old ones anywhere (if anyone knows where to find the old firmware please lmk, thank you)

Then I tried tftpd64 and I did everything with the ip changing to firewalls, did all the steps one by one. But the program doesn’t do anything. No progress bar or no change in status except for the directory and server changing and thats about it.

Please help. (Im so sorry im so stupid at this)(Everythings so confusing and im a slow)(I appreciate any help)

From a quick gogle search, Lynksys routers have a fail safe procedure to "unbrick" and this procedure is the one I would choose to flash the openwrt firmware. Just make sure you choose the right flash image from the firmware selector. Flashing from the stock UI works only with certain brands/models of routers.

Sorry what procedure?

I've done it for a lynksys router about 10 years ago so I don't remember the details. Just google "unbrick lynksys": there are several videos and procedures. You might also want to search similar subjects in this forum

You cannot use the OEM GUI to flash the OpenWrt factory.bin. TFTP is required to do that per the commit message.

At this point is your router bricked or can you still access the Linksys GUI?

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No its not bricked thankfully

Good. Based on your TPTP64 client you are using MS so I can’t help a whole lot specifically with it, but it’s pretty universal anyway.

First, you want to download the OpenWrt binary for your Linksys from the stable OpenWrt releases here:
You want the kernel.bin image.

Next read over the commit install notes:

1. Connect to UART, use LF as EOL (not CRLF)
2. Set IP address
  - Press 4 during boot
  - setenv serverip <TFTPSERVER_IP>
  - setenv ipaddr <DEVICE_IP>
  - setenv bootfile openwrt-ramips-mt76x8-linksys_e5400-initramfs-kernel.bin
  - saveenv
  - reset
3. Load Openwrt Kernel image from TFTP:
  - Press 1 during boot
  - IP and filename should be already set
4. Boot into OpenWrt and perform sysupgrade with sysupgrade image from the same download link for the `kernel.bin` link above. You want the sysupgrade.bin image.

It would be wise to look over the generic TFTP install for more detail.

Good luck. Take your time and back out if you get lost along the way. Better to be sure than tempt grief.