HELP for getting back to factory firmware restore TPLink TL-WR840N v6.2 using Tftpd64 program

I am just a regular person not a developer, I just screwed the router playing of something that I am not allowed to lol.. For real your help will be well appreciated.

I read the steps online to download the file from the official website, then:

"1. Unpack the firmware image and locate the bin file. Rename it “original_firmware.bin”.
2. Obtain the dd command. On Linux it’s built in, but on Windows you have to download it from here Copy it to the folder with the firmware.
3. Run the following command, which will strip the first 512 bytes from the firmware image and create a new file called tp_recovery.bin: dd if=original_firmware.bin of=tp_recovery.bin bs=512 skip=1
4. Obtain tftpd64, which you can find here"

and finally using tftpd64 apply the final file into the router, otherwise the file directly from the website will not work since its required to strip the first 512 bytes to succesfully apply the change.

I am craving asking for help from someone in this community to please share this final file so I can finally after days searching everywhere a solution to restore the router to manufacture status.

File Official website Download for TL-WR840N | TP-Link

I need the file but with the first 512 bytes stripped.

Thank you in advance for your help.

MODERATOR EDIT: I have 'deactivated' the 3rd party links out of an abundance of caution (those particular downloads are not the commonly recommended tools; they may be fine, but they could also contain malware). The source of the above instructions did not come from any official/OpenWrt source and they have not been tested here. Source is here:

For push-button tftpd recovery, OpenWrt's factory images should work as well.

TP-Link has played with different firmware types quite a bit in recent years, so I'd suggest to follow the documented approach on its device page for your h/w revision to the letter, and to do it yourself (so you'd only have yourself to blame, if things go south - there is quite a risk involved, unless you really know what you're doing; triple-check each step, really understand it, before commencing).

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Yes I saw some OpenWRTs factory images but I Haven't found the one for my router specifically which is WR840N v6.2.

I you have seen the file you can pls share the link pleasee?

Thank you man

The device is below minimum system requirements and hasn't been supported in years.

Yes, unfortunately I screwed :pensive:

I just would like to revert to the original firmware, that's why I am asking for help, I dont know how to strip the first 512 bytes from the original file from the manufacturer

I haven't seen this version for this router specifically online.

Thank you in advance for helping :pray:t3::pray:t3:

You should be able to use the official firmware + tftp recovery method, as long as you didn't damage the bootloader.

Presumably, the tftp details are the same on the v6.2 as they are for the v4:

Hello Everyone,

Finally some good guy shared to me the solution, for those who were trying until the impossible to fix this with this router, I got the firmware which is workable using the program Tftpd64.

I know its better directly from provider and all that, but all of us who were struguling with this with this router knows that there are no way to get back to factory firmware using ttpt using conventional files.

I share here the details feel free to do your virus scan and all that, I just hope nobody has to face the same as I did without no one around for help you.

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