Help create package Makefile for upstream multi-arch binary

I'd like to create a package where upstream (Ookla / Speedtest in this case), provides a Linux binaries for i386, x86_64, arm32, arm32hf, and arm64 in a .tgz.

If someone could point me at a current package that does this, I'd tweak that Makefile for this.
Or how I should unpack the tgz, and only package the binary.

The other issue is changing the download link based on architecture, unsure of how to deal with this too.

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I have an old Makefile for packaging prebuilt k3s binaries. Hope it helps.

Note that packaging prebuilt binaries is generally a frowned-upon approach and have low likelihood got included in the release cycle.


Did you ever get a working Makefile for Ookla Speedtest?

I am too looking to download the correct binary based on the architecture of the device being compiled. If I can insert some kind of code into the Makefile to detect the correct architecture selected for compiling the firmware, I could then use this in the PKG_SOURCE_URL variable e.g.