Help compiling for NBG6617

Hey guys,

I am compiling an image for the NBG6617 (based on ipq4019 cpu) and I am having issues making a workable image.

I tried compiling from LEDE github, by picking: Target System: (Qualcomm Atheros IPQ806X)

The problem is - I then can not find the nbg6617 in Target Profile. I tried picking "default profile" and then selecting in Firmware - > ath10k IPQ4019 Boarddata and then ipq-wifi-nbg6617, but it will not produce a working bin, which the device will take. I know I am missing a step, but I can not figure out which one, and there are no guides available to help me out.

Thank you!

So far LEDE doesn't have support for the ZyXEL NBG6617 yet.
While there are some preparatory/ partial patches for the nbg6617 in the LEDE source, actual support for creating a functional firmware is still missing. The good news is that adding this support might not be too difficult, look at for inspiration and try to add the missing bits and pieces - if you can get it working, please try to submit your changes.

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Will do! Thank you!