Help! Cant seem to use my wifi adapter as the router


So I basically installed openwrt on my rpi from the official firmware selector , everything goes well , until I try to use my network adapter as the transmitter for the wifi.

My network adapter does not worked , installed its driver from luci , kmod rtl8122 drivers. It still did not work , how to solve?

My Configuration are as follows.
RPi 4B 4GB ram
Rtl8122AU network card from aliexpress.

Linux / OpenWrt support for Realtek wifi is limited. Many Realtek chips if they work at all still can not be used as an AP, only client.

Run iw list on the CLI to see driver capabilities. You should see two physical devices, the Pi 4 internal radio and the USB.

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So typed it , and here's is what it tells , and also can't seem to scroll up using not mouse and keyboard

Try iw list | more
Or iw list > a, then more a.

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That is normal behavior on a console screen.

You could additionally use:

iw list | grep combinations -A 2