Help building 19.07 branch


I've managed to create my own master snapshot build for the WRT32X, using as a guide. No problems this is all good.

However when attempting to make a 19.07 snapshot build but all that happens is I end up with a master snapshot build instead.

General steps

    • cd openwrt
    • git checkout -b openwrt-19.07 #verify I am working on the correct branch $ git branch --show-current
    • ./scripts/feeds update -a -f
    • ./scripts/feeds install -a -f
    • make defconfig # create new config template for this branch
    • make menuconfig #make changes and save
    • make download -j4
    • make -j12

Can anyone help point me in the right direction?


That looks wrong.
Should be just git checkout openwrt-19.07 , otherwise you create a new branch...

(And note that the 19.07 builds are branded as "19.07-SNAPSHOT")


That works, thank you.

Makes sense, git checkout -b must have been creating a copy of the master branch.

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