Help Build TP-Link WR840N v6 firmware


I have found firmware for TP-Link WR840N v6 but i can't manage to fit OpenVPN, I tried to build my custom firmware which I can include openvpn but no luck since I don't have enough knowledge to do. Can someone build me firmware? I am willing to give free 1 Month of DO account server of your choice as a thank you reward. Thank you :slight_smile:

For reference it can be found here:

I only need OpenVPN, SSH Access & WiFi. Thanks!

It's probably not going to fit.

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Even if just OpenVPN?

For US$20 or less you can buy a current, supportable router that will likely outperform the TP-Link unit. The GL.iNet units, for example, already have well-supported, OpenWrt installed, including various VPN options.

This is the only router that sells on us others cost $50

I can see you can build only OpenVPN on WR840N v5:

But I can't build it to v6 can someone please help me building it? For it requires some memory editing, based on the reference. -- Brazil is listed, assuming you're in Brazil -- US$20

The blogger's approach was to load several large files onto the RAM disk instead of flash. That will not work on a V6 since it only has 32MB of RAM, while the v5 has 64.

Which also means that, even if you could somehow get it all to fit in flash, it will likely crash due to memory (RAM) exhaustion at run time.

32 MB can work for minimal router/AP functions, but may repeatedly β€œcrash”, depending on your hardware and use case

Can I try can you build for me? I cant build it

Excluded pppoe, ipv6, and opkg. Included luci, openvpn-mbedtls, and a few extra things. Might be overstuffed, good luck with that.!0hc3WKCR!TemQfzFOJj7kGX-70vbcvuhgNgjZx2A_D1RE5szMaOQ

On a side note, stop buying TP-Link junk. It stopped being a good brand ever since they revised their logo. They'll just keep pulling scams like this where they cut corners with every new hardware revision of any model that gains traction in the market.

is this wr840n(EU)v6 ?

There is no US v6.

its eu v6 sorry mistype in a rush i thought its us

Hi @shunjou

I like to ask you for a help

which files you are modified for v6?
here i mean DTS and other files in /target/linux ... ?
do you have some kind of patch file?

thank you in advance